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Bonus workshops & guest speakers dropping in periodically to share their genius and support all that you are moving through. 


The Bonuses

Your Journey Will Include:


The transformational group coaching program to heal heartbreak, reclaim your joy &
move forward faster after divorce!

4-Stage Training Course Roadmap
The exact steps to heal heartbreak & tons of transformational tools, integrative techniques, and proven methods to  Move forward faster into the most aligned & alive chapter of your life!

Weekly group coaching calls
Connect LIVE to center & celebrate yourself. Receive support with any struggles & create powerful intention & next steps.    

Alignment Assignments
Weekly integrative practices to uncover & discover your most authentic self.  A combination of Joy Journal Prompts and growth practices.   

Private Community
Exclusive access to our private group where you'll feel all the love! A safe space to share, ask questions, get support, and connect with women who GET IT & are ready to move forward faster just like you!

Breathwork Audios
Custom audio practices to accompany each module theme. These somatic (body-based healing) tools are used as a holistic approach to wellness & healing. 



VIP discounts on booster sessions & priority enrollment for future LIVE events & services.

Onboarding Coaching session. To get to know you and make you feel safe & supported in your new community. 







How to identify what's REALLY been holding you back from healing & happiness, & powerful practices to process the pain and get "unstuck" for good.  

How to get to the ROOT of knowing what you need now (in each moment) & tools to nourish those needs without waiting for something outside of yourself to save you/create change.

How to design a life you desire get CLEAR on who you want to become. Learn integrative tools that allow you to fully connect mind, body & soul in a way that actually serves & supports your highest self.  

How to use breathwork to change your state & create whole body healing from within that lasts a lifetime.



What You'll Learn 

How to create meaningful connection with your grief & use it for transformation & growth. 

Learn powerful practices & tools that allow you let go of your Ex & the people/things connected to your marriage that no longer serve you. 

How to shift hopeLESSness to hopeFULL & self-empowered. Learn how to make room to attract & create all that you desire.

Create awareness around your past that will allow you to do life differently & learn powerful language that will up-level your daily life immediately. 

How to utilize the top transformational tools for managing your mindset and seeing your reality shift. This tool can be used moving forward anytime you feel "funk'd up"

How to deepen your intuitiveness using techniques that strengthen your trust & make soul serving decisions that light you up!

How to say goodbye to the indecisiveness & people-pleasing, and say hello to a more confident you. In this section you'll begin feeling the full expansion and expression of the woman you desire to show up as. 

How to create & integrate into powerful daily routines & rituals that will forever change the way you do life.  We'll share the step-by-step practices to manage your morning & set the tone for an epic day.

Get access to the 4-part self check-in formula to maintain all of the transformation & change you've created from within and keep it going with ease!

How to protect & use your energy to avoid the exhaustion of future roadblocks. 

How to use the 4 Core keys to stay connected to you Joy daily.

Mastering "maintenance mode".  How to continue to operate from your highest self & practice everything you've learned to live the life you've been destined for.

✔ You are sick and tired of staying stuck & ready to move forward now!

✔ You've said to yourself, "Where do I go from here?  Where do I start?"

✔ You are ready to live ON purpose WITH purpose!

✔ You've said to yourself, "I've got to do life differently, I want to feel like ME again!"

✔ You are ready to ditch feeling lost & lonely & live in Joy!

✔ You've said to yourself, "I wish I had someone who GET'S IT to talk to" 

✔ You are ready to trade heartbreak in for healing!






Before I joined Heidi’s Coaching program, I spent most of the year asking myself, “where am I going? What am I looking for? What is my purpose? If you’re looking for some life changing goodness to add to your life –
contact my girl Heidi Bee – you won’t be sorry!! 
We are not in control of the timing of life. Many times we are not even in control of the outcomes that we are even waiting for. But we are in control of our thoughts and of our actions. #JUSTDOIT...I LOVE YOU HEIDI! 

"Thank you for helping me become a better version of myself."

what women are saying...

"The Journey with Heidi created the courage within myself to try things I never had before."

I loved working with Heidi Bee! The best part about working with her is that she is so REAL and RELATABLE. She is on the journey right along with you & encouraging you the entire time because she KNOWS exactly how you are feeling. Through the struggle and growth, her support always motivates me to not give up, to get back in the game, and to not dwell on the bumps in the road. If you want to work with someone who just “gets it,” then Heidi Bee is the coach for you!

"Until I started this coaching journey, I couldn't even imagine life without my Ex."

I'm so glad I found Heidi. I know if I tried it all on my own, I would have just stayed in all of my spiraling thoughts continuing to make myself miserable.  
I'm truly moving forward faster & for the first time in a long time I'm proud of myself. I'm finally excited to wake up and know that creating the a life I want. I'm so glad I invested in myself. 
I love you Heidi 

I have found real happiness in myself. I am proud of myself & finally believe that I deserve all of my desires and dreams. I know I am worth it!  I am so dang excited I get to choose to love myself each and every day. It’s an incredible feeling, and I am completely blessed to have met Heidi Bee!

"Before I found Heidi I was suffering & slowly dying inside."