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JOY is the #1 transformational tool I used to rebuild my life after divorce and I'm so excited to show you how!

Hi Love, I'm Heidi Bee.

In 2015, my marriage of 11 years came to an end.  I was left lost, lonely, confused & devastated.  I woke up feeling empty & Joy-less, completely paralyzed by my heartbreak.  I did my best to survive by numbing the pain, suppressing the grief & distracting myself as much as possible.  Until I got tired of laying in my tears on the bathroom floor. 

I had lost my identity & felt overwhelmed trying to re-invent myself. 

One thing became crystal clear, I had to get FIERCLY committed to reclaiming my joy, and I did. I figured out how to reboot my life, reclaim my joy & become the happiest, healthiest, most authentic version of myself.  A version of me that was even more enjoyable to journey with than ever before.  I fell DEEPLY in love with myself and my life and as a result attracted the most incredible job, friends, and even romantic partner.  A true UP-LEVEL in life created by ME. I went on to become a certified life coach, breathwork facilitator & personal trainer, to expand my personal experience into a massive transformational toolbox that I now use to help other divorced women create a life they are obsessed with! 

In my free time you'll find me outdoors - hiking, paddle boarding, sun bathing, wine tasting with friends, sinning along at a live music event, or racking up my frequent flyer miles on the next trip. 

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